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As he got to know me he became very serious and said I am the one he has waited for all his life. He wanted to be a man I would want and respect. I hadn’t started communicating with him for a romantic relationship but I could tell he is a caring guy. I had just recently been burned by another man and so I told this guy to slow down a bit. After a time he was feeling bad that he had to hold back his feelings in order to respect mine. I gave it a lot of thought and came to see that this guy may very well work out for something more than friendship.

I realize I have standards but they are not money or status related. I just want a good guy with integrity and respect for others, willing to make me as important in his life as he’d be in mine. Baggage is a problem when you get older. I’d like to get into a new relationship but recent health issues have slowed that.

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I have a few male friends who are dating and/ or are married to much younger women. They are all happy but All have made mention of the generation gap being an issue at times. I do believe that age is just a number but at the same time it seems if there is a span of too many years that alone could cause issues. I guess if the connection is there you work around the age issues. I am a mid 50’s straight male in good physical shape, fully “functional”, strong sex drive, very financially independent, was married for 20+ years and have 2 children from my previous marriage. For most of my life I have had about as many female friends as male friends.

She once again slipped on a custom creation by Gucci – she has quite the covetable collection! Yet, this may be her best frock yet thanks to stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray. Both of them paired their glamorous looks with metallic purses – Salma’s was gold and Valentina’s was silver. Age or gender has nothing to do with that. My narcissist ex is a perfect example. That’s nothing, like, as good as no difference.

You may not be in the relationship for all the right reasons.

Hi, I am 72, wid0wer, my wife had been sick for 10 years, some time at home, then a Care Home, then a Nursing home. I have been out with some ladies, I am amazed. They were or were old enough to be nannies, They are nothing like you would think of a nanner. Instead of being 66, they are more likely a year old.They appear to have been to the gym for an hour a day! I am not complaining, as I see sometimes 2 or 3 one week, then 4 another week.

I am not at all averse to dating women my age. But one problem I am having is that I look young for my age and many of the women on the sites who are my age seem to look much, much older than their age – like in their 70’s. I am sure that comment won’t go over well but I am just being honest about what I am seeing so far that is throwing me off. I am also not bothered by scars, imperfections, mastectomies, and many other things that women might be afraid to let people see.

You are completely wrong and have no idea what you’re talking about. I am a 50 year old woman and want sex more now than I ever did in my 20’s, and every woman I know my age feels the same. Was married for 32 years to same man for 35 years total. He died 4 years again and I thought I would never have sex again and believe you have to use it or lose it.

They may not understand why he’s dating you and may give you the cold shoulder. It may be challenging to get them to take you seriously. If he’s worth it, you’ll put in the effort, but realize they may never accept you fully. Many people feel that women who date significantly older men are looking for a substitute for their father. Maybe they had a bad relationship with their dads or maybe he was absent while they grew up. Even if this isn’t the case for you, realize that there are a lot of opinions out there about women who date much older men , so be prepared to deal with it.

I saw her recently and we worked together quite well. I think it helps that I no longer care as much about what she thinks beyond common courtesy. Well the purple unicorn is right here…but damned if I can find a decent guy. Every time I think I find a good one he either disappears without a word, let’s his personal baggage get in the way, or doesn’t know what he really wants.

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You’ll meet real people in the real world if you get into the real world. Now here you guys are saying that you want someone nice and are tired of the difficult women out there, so I’d like to know your take on that article if you have the inclination to read it. The last relationship I had was after my divorce. This new man and I had lengthy conversations before we ever became intimate. He explained his physical needs and expectations and I explained mine. We worked everything out, he was very generous in bed, and his needs were met whenever he wanted it.

I too find it difficult to date in my 50’s. I fell in love with a man 2 years ago who is the same age as me, lots in common, but we did end up going our separate ways. He was newly divorced and was not considering getting into a relationship and wanted to sew his oats.

I’m too old for dating anymore, and I feel grateful not to have hormones pushing me out the door anymore. I’m a late-50s man who was on the verge of divorce after my spouse celebrated turning 50 by having an affair. She apologized and put forth the usual regrets – and I’ve forgiven her – yet I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. I now have plenty of new scar tissue, if you know what I mean.