This 57-Year-Old Woman Shows You Can Be Sexy At Any Age

At 60, I have re entered single life through no choice of my own. My 44 year old wife informed me a few months ago that she was leaving. She said, amongst other things, that the age difference was beginning to bother her, that we were distancing at an exponential rate.

It has been 6 years – I take care myself and look great at 55 – everyone says I look 45. I don’t have children and my job is low stress. I’m literally laughing as I read this.

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I am in excellent shape physically – gym, swimming, mtb, hockey, etc. at 58. No signs of trouble down under either. My ex did some of it with me for the first 10 years of marriage, but it was clearly a chore for her, not enjoyment. I did it with both kids then, and now the kids have moved on and we found to have nothing in common anymore. I don’t know what the secret to relationship success is after 50. But I do know, that by this age, we should be much more responsible with the hearts, minds, and souls of the people we interact with.

This might be why many men go for women younger than them – physical attraction? Thank you for the kind words, AM. I really hope situations turn around for both of us. Peter-san, unfortunately, a woman who has put half her life behind her is statistically 39 years old in the United States.

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I only want to share my life with someone because it’s damn lonely after years of touch deprivation, among other things. And yes, waking up to a kind partner in the morning would be absolute heaven to me. David….I think sex now for me is more exciting and caring….with more experience and understanding in the more mature years it can be so much better than in my younger years.

This will mean a lot of physical contact, which creates tons of intimacy and even arousal. It’s true, eHarmony’s great trial does have a bit longer of a signup process but it actually helps you. When you have a signup process that is too short you get a lot of women who try it only to collect compliments from guys and get attention. They never have any intention or desire to actually go on a date. If you’re not a dog owner, I don’t recommend going out and buying one just to meet older women for sex.

I panic and think she is going to leave. I’m so sorry you and a lot of men on here feel that women are nasty. I couldn’t be nicer, more open, more flexible and happy with life and yet I can’t find a partner. I am so tired of being by myself.

I dated attractive women a few years either side of my age. Unfortunately it’s been my dating life story that men have seen me as just that, like they’re shoping, kicking the tyres, always looking for a better deal. Too young, too old, too fat, too thin, make to much money, don’t make enough, too “needy”, not needy enough. What about early 40s, never been married and zero children, do not want children ever, and do not care whether or not I ever marry, or just have a years long relationship unmarried? Thats a category of people I know for women, myself included.

Equally important are respect, tenderness and moral strength. I don’t have my head in the sand in regards to men’s needs and I do not have a problem taking care of my man in the ways you have stated. Yes I know how to do it, and I happily please my man when I am in a relationship that is mutual and respectful.

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Other women I know tell me worse stories about men and online dating then what I’ve just told. And I realize you guys are being treated unfairly to pay for what some jerk did to a woman. People aren’t honest and kind anymore to each other. I really feel this is too negative. As a 55 year old woman, it doesn’t correspond with my experience at all. I have kept in shape and work and looking good and being kind and interesting, positive not jaded.

Im a pretty fun guy to hang around. Love to party and meet new people. I work on a farm for a very long time. I’m going through a separation from a 47 yr very unhappy marriage. How does one get passed the fear of misreading a person so completely? I don’t know if I could ever trust again.

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But when I do I’m worried that I’ll be tempted to go too fast because its lonely having no one in your life. And if she tries to then I’ll probably worry she might change like my ex wife did. With my ex she sometimes got so irrationally angry that I was afraid she might kill me in my sleep. At other times she was wonderful.

Of course, this only lasts for a while because she is into the fantasy of a controlling man but isn’t interested in the reality of it. He did not get one ounce of pity from me. He can have his 2nd, 3rd, 4th or whatever mid life crisis at someone else’s expense. I dated men my age before him and after him, and it sometimes can last for several dates, or a couple of months, but it seems to always fall apart. I have realized that for most I have met, I am not young enough, thin enough, pretty enough…or do not meet the needs of whatever else is on their wish list.