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He would say, “Okay, sit down, give yourself a second, Julie,” to make sure I wouldn’t fall and hurt myself if the cataplexy attack got worse. He was very supportive of my narcolepsy; it was just other aspects of our relationship that weren’t working. I felt really isolated, and I realized I was having a hard time getting my boyfriend to empathize. It was hard for me not to be able to drink alcohol, but I’d go out and try to put on a good face to make everyone else feel comfortable. My then-boyfriend just didn’t say the most sensitive things, like once he told me he felt awkward drinking in front of me.

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Narcolepsy is first diagnosed based on the symptoms and then can be confirmed with lab tests. If you are experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness, your primary care physician will likely refer you to a sleep specialist. But many narcolepsy patients transition into REM sleep quickly—within 15 minutes of falling asleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. Have you ever been close to falling asleep—or on the verge of waking up—and found that, for a second or two, you can’t move your body?

It’s also likely that genetics plays a role in narcolepsy. But the risk of a parent passing this disorder to a child is very low — only about 1% to 2%. So iv been dating a guy with narcolepsy for the past 8 month. I just wanted to ask the ppl that do suffer from this illness about there opinions on being in a relationship? What are the challenges u have come across when dating or in a serious relationship? What has a SO done for u that’s really helped ur illness?

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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes a person to find it difficult to fall asleep when they try to sleep. Many people who suffer from insomnia also find that it is very difficult to stay asleep once they have been able to fall asleep. People with insomnia are often unable to obtain a full night’s rest that lasts long enough for them to function normally, the following day. The Sleep Disorders Center at Stanford reports that as much as 18% of the global adult population may be affected by at least some symptoms of insomnia. This information was obtained after they reviewed over 50 studies that detailed insomnia and the sleep patterns of patients. Insomnia also causes excessive daytime sleepiness and is characterized by the inability to fall or stay asleep.

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Some people need treatment with methylphenidate or amphetamines . These medicines are effective but can be habit-forming. They may cause side effects such as nervousness and a fast heartbeat. Still, things don’t always go to plan, and that’s OK. Holtz says for whatever activity they have in mind, they try to plan it for a time when she has maximum wakefulness. Hypnologic hallucinations — when you might see, hear, or feel things that aren’t there right when you’re starting to wake up — can also be an issue.

At this point the patient has all the symptoms of narcolepsy. Excessive daytime sleepiness and inability to stay awake are hallmarks of the sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Many people with narcolepsy have a low level of hypocretin . This is a chemical made in the brain that helps you stay awake.

You don’t have to come snuggle me every time, it’s totally fine for you to stay up and do whatever while I get a few more hours. That’s good to read that narcolepsy hasn’t hurt you in terms of partners/romance. I’ve experienced the opposite but I’m male and don’t make much of a living due to this silly condition.

I suffer from Narcolepsy and she suffers from Fibromyalgia. I’ve fallen in love with her and can picture spending the rest of my life with her. But we both suffer from debilitating chronic illnesses. I’m medicated by my energy levels are still somewhat low. How can I have the energy to take care of a family one day if we get married? Any advice, insight, or prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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Learn about the risk factors and symptoms of narcolepsy, along with how to get a diagnosis and what treatment options are available. We believe that the solution, attainable today, is to build a home monitoring device that can monitor wake and sleep EEG during the day, and breathing, EEG and leg movements during the night. This device would be used for 48 hr., for example during a weekend, and the signal sent to us by internet for automatic analysis. Analysis of sleep and wake at home in real life circumstances would allow sleep doctors to objectively evaluate what is wrong with each patient. Differential patterns of “wakefulness” may also start to be identified, reflecting the fact people cannot concentrate, are sleep deprived, in brain fog, etc.

Ryan N, Lindsley G. Questions and answers by and for young persons who have narcolepsy. This set of problems is true for adults with narcolepsy as well. But I have had a few longer term relationships and my S/Os really struggled to understand a lot of my limitations. Yes, I do think that gender plays into, the changes to relationship dynamics that N brings to the table, yet there are so many other and variable things aside from it, all going on too. For instance, I personally could easily come up with such a list, as I’ve grasped my N w/ C pretty darn well, aside from the isolation factor to minimize Cataplexy . Really, I would not expect that too many other males out there, might do such, list.